Are you looking to network with other business owners in Kent and Sussex? Welcome to the Tunbridge Wells Business Network (TWBN). Run by the members for the members... No annual membership fees... Fabulous venue and catering... Friendly, relaxed and unpressured... We meet every second Thursday...

Networking for grown ups

We believe that business networking is first and foremost about building relationships with other like-minded owners – not about being under pressure to produce a list of names and numbers to hand over as referrals. Understanding each other and the businesses we run is fundamental to developing good referrals. Click here to find out a little more about TWBN.

The next TWBN meeting is on Thursday 10 May, in


The TWBN ethos is simple

TWBN was founded in 2012 by several experienced business networkers, disillusioned at the way some of their former networking groups had been run. We aim to:

• Create value through referring business to other members

• Learn new business skills

• Share in the challenges and successes of running a business

• Build strong business relationships and promote good business practice

• Enhance local business in a friendly, professional network

The friendliness of the group was key – and the professional advice and opinions of those around the table has played a central role in my own business management and development.

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