Terms & Conditions for Membership of the Tunbridge Wells Business Network group

1.  Summary:

Tunbridge Wells Business Network (“TWBN”) meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis. Your attendance at each meeting is vital to develop more business for you and for your colleagues in your group.

TWBN reserves the right to change, alter and vary these terms and conditions from time to time.

Membership of TWBN is on the basis of sector exclusivity, endeavouring they provide members with a wide network of contacts without the risk of conflicts of interest arising between members.  If you feel that there is a conflict between your own business interests and those of another member please bring this to the attention of the Committee.

2.  Membership, Fees and Payments:

Your membership of the TWBN group will be approved by the existing members acting unanimously.

You are required to pay a monthly membership fee of £35.00 in respect of your membership of the TWBN™ group. This also covers the cost of breakfast at each meeting.

Upon acceptance of your membership of TWBN the membership fee is non-refundable. Membership fees are paid to “Tunbridge Wells Business Network” care of Linden House, Linden Close, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 8HH by Standing Order.

The fee includes the cost of refreshments and facilities at each meeting.  This fee may vary depending on the venue. This payment is to be met by you whether or not you or a representative appointed by you attends the meeting.

3.  TWBN Membership Rules:

The success of the group is based on regular attendance of members, mutual understanding and the positive input and feedback provided by guests invited to meetings by members.  If you anticipate being unable to attend any meeting, you should:

As soon as reasonably practicable before the meeting inform a member of the Committee of your inability to attend.

If possible, arrange for someone to represent you at the meeting. Representatives can be business colleagues, business or personal contacts.

Upon finding a suitable representative, as soon as reasonably practicable you must inform a member of the Committee of their planned attendance at the meeting. Sufficient information regarding the representative’s business sector should be imparted at this stage to enable the Committee to assess whether the representative’s business conflicts with that of another group member’s business.

Representatives and any guests that you invite to meetings must always discuss potential conflicts of business with a member of the Committee at the beginning of the meeting.

A representative that attends in your place, and any guests you invite, may, at the entire discretion of the Committee, be given the opportunity to promote their business to the group at the meeting.  Such an opportunity is separate from their obligation to represent and promote your business if they are attending on your behalf.

The opportunity for your representative and/or guests to promote their business to the group can be restricted if the Committee deems there to be a business conflict with another member of the group. A representative prevented from addressing the group in such a way may still represent your business on your behalf. Representatives and guests may distribute their business cards to members at the meeting, but these must not be placed in the members’ business card box, which is strictly for the business cards of members alone.

Members must not be absent from more than two meetings per quarter without representation.

Members must use all reasonable endeavours to meet with all of the group members on a one to one basis no less than once in each year of membership. This is to enhance your mutual understanding of the businesses of your fellow group Members. Upon participating in a one to one meeting you should notify a member of the Committee in order that they can continue to assess the progress of the group.

Members must use their best endeavours to pass genuine referrals in relation to fellow group Members’ businesses, to individuals and businesses outside of the group.  We do not impose criteria as to how many referrals must be made, but the progress of the group and the benefit to be derived by Members depend on the passing of referrals.

Members must use their best endeavours to bring guests to meetings throughout their membership.

Members who do not put sufficient effort into arranging and attending one to one meetings, bringing guests, and/or making referrals may (at the discretion of the Committee) be required to resign their membership.

4. The Committee:

The Committee controls and oversees the smooth running of the group. The Committee comprises: a Chairman/woman, a Deputy Chairman/woman, and Administrator and a Treasurer.

The Chair and Deputy Chair of the Committee shall serve for a period of six months at a time and may then step down, or express him/herself willing to stand again.

The Administrator and Treasurer may serve for a longer period if they express themselves willing to do so.  Not less than three months notice must be given of an intention to step down from either position, in order to allow sufficient time for a replacement to be found and for suitable arrangements to be made for the handover of the relevant responsibilities.

Any member may put themselves forward to be a member of the Committee, or may be required to stand as a member of the Committee during their membership of TWBN.

At the discretion of the Committee, a discount on membership fees may be offered to the members of the Committee for the duration of their standing as a member of the Committee, provided that such discount is also approved by a majority of the Members of the group as a whole.

5. Miscellaneous:

Members acknowledge that any and all of the intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to trade marks and trading names, whether or not registered, copyrights, registered and unregistered design rights, patents, know how and all confidential information) owned by TWBN shall at all times remain the sole property of TWBN.  Members are not permitted to use any of the intellectual property rights owned by TWBN without the prior written consent of TWBN, which may contain restrictions and limitations.

TWBN has no obligation, duty or liability to any TWBN Members in contract, tort or otherwise, for any services or goods provided by any Member of TWBN.

TWBN does not give any warranties as to the suitability of TWBN Members to undertake any services they may provide as a result of being a Member of TWBN, nor does it warrant as to the level of skill and care taken by a Member when providing such services.

TWBN does not give any implied or express warranties as to any goods provided by Members, as a result of being a TWBN Member.

This agreement is governed by English Law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

6.  Contact Details:

You can contact TWBN:

By post to: TWBN at Linden House, Linden Close, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 8HH

Via the contact form on this website