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Hugh Fenton

Aspirology Business Coaching

Aspirology has, since 2006, been helping organisations of all sizes from start-ups to small corporate to develop their businesses to identify and achieve their aspirations and meet their targets and goals.

We typically work with business owners and management teams to identify company goals and to improve their personal and company performance to achieve these. We often find people work “in the business” neglecting to work “on the business” in terms of planning and direction, and help the client to achieve a 360° view of the business.

Every company is different, with differing challenges, and we tailor our coaching to fulfil the client’s needs. We do this in several different ways:

  • 1:1 regular meetings at which we review progress, results and plans with the client on a regular basis – and optionally hold them accountable!
  • Regular monthly group workshops, covering every aspect of running a business through from creating a business plan in session one, through measuring results both financially and key performance indicators, budgeting, sales, marketing leadership, time management business systemisation, though to the last session which is planning exit strategies. These workshops are a very affordable way to work “on the business”
  • Non-Executive directorships
  • One-off specific projects
  • Best of all, the first 90 minute session is free, so why not invest 90 minutes to see how we can help your business?

t: 01892 611971
m: 07831 555622
e: hugh.fenton@aspirology.com
w: www.aspirology.com