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Business Improvement Workshops

Aspirology Business Coaching are starting a new course of workshops later this year that provide a high impact, collaborative, group learning environment for clients to network with other business owners and entrepreneurs.

Practical and Accessible

Learning is ‘bite sized’, practical and relevant, with a focus on action planning. The workshops provide a safe environment to experiment and learn whilst benefiting from the real life experience of others.

Workshop Style

Each workshop is led and facilitated by a highly experienced Business Improvement Specialist who will use a hybrid approach that leverages the benefits of both formal and informal coaching and mentoring techniques.

Each workshop provides an opportunity to:

  • Learn, develop or practice a skill

  • Discover and understand a theory, model, approach or toolkit

  • Discuss, share and resolve business challenges or problems

The client also receives additional support from their workshop facilitator via email and telephone.


  • Monthly, cost-effective group sessions help the client build their business whilst building their knowledge and developing their entrepreneurial mindset

  • No contracts, tie ins or minimum spends

  • Guarantee of satisfaction

  • Should you need additional help with specific problems or challenges, 1:1 help can be provided to the client outside of the workshop

Workshop Sessions

  • Just £110 per session

  • 12 monthly sessions of 3 hours, at a time to suit all participants

  • Session 1 – Your Business Vision developed into a plan

  • Session 2 – Key Performance Indicators

  • Session 3 – Marketing (traditional)

  • Session 4 – Marketing (social media)

  • Session 5 – Improve your sales techniques

  • Session 6 - Cash Controls

  • Session 7 – Financial Forecasting

  • Session 8 - Personality Profiling

  • Session 9 – Leadership versus Management

  • Session 10 – Systemising your business

  • Session 11 – Team Building

  • Session 12 – Review & Exit Strategies


  • “Business coaching that isn’t dull. Hugh has achieved the impossible by keeping me interested; all session, every session. No mean feat! Our business is better for it” – Jay Mather, Webstores UK

  • “Every business owner needs help. Hugh and the team provide really practical help that takes your business forward” – John Webster, Pathways UK

  • “I really look forward to our monthly Business Improvement Workshops, all the subjects covered so far have been thoroughly relevant and interesting, and I always come away with my mind buzzing with new ideas”. – Claire Packham- Team 4 Solutions.

Aspirology Business Coaching

Aspirology was formed with one intention – to help organisations of all sizes from start-ups to small corporate to develop their business to achieve their aspirations and meet their targets and goals.

We typically work with business owners and management teams to identify company goals and to improve their personal and company performance to achieve these.

Every company is different, with differing challenges, and we tailor our coaching to fulfil the clients needs.

To book your place contact

Hugh Fenton

Tel: 01435 882455

Mob: 07831 555622

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